1. Be respectful

2. Be ethical

3. Be civil

4. Do no create or engage in drama

5. Do no discuss personal matters in public

6. No excessive swearing or capital letters

7. No spamming

8. No trolling


Building Rules

these rules apply to any builds in both the creative and survival server

1. No griefing

2. No hacking/macroes/xray/schematica - If you are unsure, ask staff first as we may allow some minor game-modifying tools

3. No controversial builds - If your build is likely to cause offence it will be removed and you may be banned

4. No easter eggs / hidden features (except in the Plot World) - If you would like to add something, ask staff first

5. Do not create excessive lag - Use WorldEdit in small quantities and do not exploit laggy game mechanics or redstone, no beacon spam

6. No simple pillars / staircases - No "nerd poling" straight up into the air, or simple staircases

7. Don't leave floating trees - If you chop down a tree, remove the rest of it too

8. Don't fake not being AFK - Do not make AFK machines or use macroes to artificially keep you from appearing inactive​



1st Offence - warning

2nd Offence - warning (chat offences may result in a mute)

3rd Offence - two week ban

Final Offence - permanent ban


If you see players breaking these rules please report them on the discord under 🚩report-a-player


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